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Frequently Asked Questions about Shipping Containers & Our Manchester Depot

Do you hire or sell containers?

We only sell shipping containers.

Do you sell new and/or used containers?

Yes, we sell both used and new containers. You can get a different price and deal depending on the shipping container you buy, so be sure to look through our selection.

Do you deliver and transport containers?

Yes, we transport & deliver New & Used Shipping Containers across the UK

Do you deliver and transport containers bought from other sources?

Yes, we collect, transport & deliver across the UK

Do you deliver outside of the North West?

Yes, we do. Our team are more than happy to make deliveries outside of the Manchester area. As a nationwide company, we can deliver to any part of the United Kingdom you are based in.

Do you provide delivery nationwide?

Yes, you just need to provide us with your postcode and we can quote to deliver your storage container to anywhere in the UK.

What can I do with a shipping container?

Just about anything you wish! Most of our clients choose to use them for storage of items and inventory or use them as on-demand storage areas for staff on construction sites.

What shipping containers do you sell?

• New
• Used Wind & Watertight
• Once Used
• One Trip
• Grade A
• Grade B
• Grade C
• Side Opening
• Hi-Cube

What size of shipping containers do you sell?

We sell various shipping container sizes, and can often find something suited to your exact needs. Let us know what size you are looking for, and we will be happy to help.

What are the most used sizes of containers?

• 10ft
• 12ft
• 16ft
• 20ft
• 24ft
• 32ft
• 40ft
• 45ft

What options can you offer?

• Colour
• End Doors
• Side Doors
• Doors Both Ends
• Lockbox
• Windows
• Staircases

Do you carry out Container Conversions?

Our highly skilled team of workmen can transform our containers to your precise requirements and add partition walls, side access doors, end doors, windows, heating, electric and plumbing.

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