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Shipping Containers Bought & Sold. We buy & sell used shipping containers

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We are based in Manchester but deliver UK nationwide using our own fleet of Hiab transport.

We are a professional service provider for those in need of shipping containers in the UK. We help companies from across many industries in the city of Greater Manchester and beyond. We can help you with the transport and transit of shipping containers, making sure you can get your products loaded and ready to go for transport. Now, you can buy a shipping container than can be filled with whatever you need, ideal for setting up on building sites or using for storing your inventory until it can be used. Whatever purpose you have in mind, our team deliver a simple and easy to use solution for those searching for used shipping containers for sale. Instead of having to rent & hire the containers, you can use our affordable services to get the solution you need on-demand. Not every business that needs shipping containers only requires them for a short period of time. You might need them for long-term storage, or to give your staff a safe place to enjoy R&R in-between shifts. Whatever the purpose, from on-site workplace management to storing inventory until needed, our shipping containers can be the ideal solution.


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Manchester Shipping Containers

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Our Services include:
Shipping Container Sales
Storage Container Sales
Conversions, Modifications, Adapatations & Refurbishment
Transport & Delivery across Manchester & UK
Buying 2nd hand used Containers